Assisted incapability

Creating more understanding of the issues our system causes for people with psychosocial problems. 

Turning a large story in a small tangible design.

Simone Wouters’ film and installation demonstrate how in today’s society, where people organise their own networks, those with psychosocial problems can easily become stuck. For many with a social disability, the stress of fending for themselves is overwhelming. All the elements within the white frame of Wouters’ installation demonstrate aspects of their individual handicaps, from an inability to organise their time to budgeting problems. The idea is that if we can understand the issues our system causes for these people, we can help remedy it by showing more flexibility. 


“An ex-colleague of mine always came in late, we thought he was just lazy. He did his work well but couldn’t be on time for appointments, after explaining to him that it was important to come in time he still didn’t. We knew he was autistic but we didn’t know that this could be a part of it. In the end, he was fired for being late, maybe if we understood him better we would have handled it differently. “

Visitor DDW

For some people with a psychosocial disability, the concept of time can be abstract and managing it difficult.

Grasping the value of money and understanding its importance can be problematic for some.

“ As I was presenting my work a woman in the audience started crying. I took her to the side and asked if everything was okay. The woman from New York explained to me that her son had psychological problems and tried to kill himself. Unfortunately, this was a very common story, but that’s also the main reason I created this. As my brother has psychosocial problems I saw the struggles he faces because of misunderstandings. By making this installation I hope to create more understanding and start a dialogue, which happened during the DDW, and hopefully on other occasions as well.”

Simone Wouters

Official rhetoric and letters of serious communication can be intimidating and incomprehensible for some people with psychosocial problems. Increasingly complex rules and regulations make it impossible for people with psychosocial problems to be aware of their own rights.

From electronic ticket-machines to online-banking, our society is becoming more digitalized and independent. This can become a daunting obstacle for people with psychosocial problems. When you pick up the phone you will hear a phone menu which isn't understandable.

Within this film, you will hear an autistic man explain how he dealt and managed with adapting to our society, and what obstacles stand in the way for him to participate in it.